Price List

For 60-90 day rush service, add $30 for deer, $80 for elk to expedite the commercial tanning.

5% discount for fellow military veterans and youth under 16.  Price does not include sales tax.

Deer/Antelope shoulder mount                                                       575

Elk shoulder mount, closed mouth                                              1150

Elk shoulder mount,  bugling                                                           1250

Deer/Antelope European skull                                                         125

Deer/Antelope European skull with post or panel               145

Deer/Antelope European skull camo dip                                      15

Elk European, skull only                                                                        225

Deer antler mount with hardwood panel                                     80

Antelope horn mount with hardwood panel                              90

Elk antler mount with hardwood panel                                      150

Other big game                                                                                          Call

Fish, includes panel or driftwood      $15/inch  $150 minimum

Tanning                                                                                                          Call

Without 60-90 day rush service on big game standard turnaround is 4-6 months.  

Sorry, I don't do birds, bears or lifesize.